You’ll Be Blown Away When You See This Awesome Multiplication Trick

Math is hard. That’s why America has fallen so far behind in mathematics compared to other nations around the world. It’s full of complicated algorithms and greek symbols, and I want no part of it. But once you see how the Japanese approach multiplication, you’ll be blown away by how simple math suddenly seems. They…

This 3D Artist Has Skills That’ll Have You Questioning Your Eyesight.

​Nikola Čuljić is a self taught artist from Serbia. He’s always had a talent for drawing but was never really interested in it until as of recently.

He started off drawing portraits but found them hard to achieve so he decided to draw something different from the norm. He began experimenting with the art of 3-dimensional drawing.

Famous Movie Characters Play Pokemon Go

When you see your favorite movie characters looking at their phone now, you don’t know if they’re getting ready to take a call or playing Pokemon Go! Here’s a collection of movie clips that takes away that mystery. They’re playing Pokemon!