Celebrities Who Are Actually Disney Characters In Disguise

You might have already heard about celebrities who have a historic doppelganger, or babies that are their spitting images, but have you noticed that some of our beloved celebs are freakishly similar to Disney characters?

Anna and Elsa and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Celebrities Look Like Disney Characters4

Inspired by Bright Side, we’ve have collected a list of celebrities who look exactly like our favorite Disney characters.  The similarities are striking!


Belle and Anne Hathaway

Captain Hook and Russell Brand

Rapunzel and Amanda Seyfried

Phil and Danny DeVito

The Evil Queen and Megan Fox

Cheshire Cat and Nicki Minaj


Genie and Robin Williams

Princess Tiana — Kat Graham

Snow White and Lucy Hale

Celebrities Look Like Disney Characters21

Cinderella and Anna Sophia Robb

Celebrities Look Like Disney Characters3

Prince Naveen and Zayn Malik

Celebrities Look Like Disney Characters14

The King and Wilford Brimley

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Source: Celebrities Who Are Actually Disney Characters In Disguise