Stephanie, this is one example of why people find you disgustin

Look Out

If your name is Stephanie and you flew from Zurich to Boston on Monday night, via Swiss airways, this is one example of why people around you on our flight find you disgusting.

And I am sure if this is how you conduct yourself in public, you must be many times worse in private. Also, keeping your seat fully reclined back into my crotch for the duration of the flight makes you a doubly inconsiderate bitch.

Yes, she shot me a few dirty looks when I banged into her seat while trying to keep my splayed legs from going numb (I am 6'-3" and those seats don't give you much room)
I hope to never see you or your like again., you self-absorbed bitch.

first time on the front page! time for some additional info;
1. i never said that she wasn't allowed to put her seat back.   But there is such a thing as being considerate of other passengers around you. also, no need to repeatedly slam your seat as if you are trying to soften it up or make it go back any further. it's all the way back, deary.

2. i also have the right to my space around my seat, so when she shot me nasty looks because my knees bounced her seat when i tried to move them, i say tough shit to her.

3. the feet up on the seat in front is rue and arrogant. i don't care what you say. it's also gross.

4. the stewardesses asked her to put her seat up a few times. she would do so, and about two minutes after they walked away, she would slam it back all the way.

5. the last hour before we landed, they gave us food. they told her to put her seat up, which she did but not before complaining about the guy in front of her who had his seat back. irony/

6. since i had my legs splayed for almost the entire flight, i wedged them against the seat back for the last hour so she couldn't put the seat back again. aggressive, but i don't care. i wanted my legs straight for an hour. that's not too much to ask.

7. when my wife and i got up to exit the plane, her husband had gone ahead of her. can't blame him. she pushed my wife aside and said 'we are together. i have to be behind him'. we went down to far aisle and she promptly went down the other aisle. so......i guess she didn't have to be behind him after all. she just wanted to assert herself over everyone.

8. she is a miserable person. i feel sorry for her.

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